Crossfire Latency Tests

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I have a little bit of a back log of tests that I’ve gotten done, but just decided to work on it to get them done more quickly….

I had quite a few people ask me about crossfire latency after doing 2.4ghz frsky video. I finally got a crossfire setup and had some time to run my latency tests.

For a full description of the test, check out my previous test with frsky.

Short descriptions is I used a signal generator to send a throttle pulse every 1-1.5s. Pulse went over the air to be received by the RX and passed on to Betaflight.  Betaflight then increased all 4 motors. I have a logic analyzer on the motor line to record when the motors increased from idle by decode dshot commands.


Crossfire Latency Test

Frsky Latency Test

End to End Latency

Opentx Crossfire 150Hz 9-21ms

Opentx Crossfire 50Hz 17-41ms

Ersky9x Crossfire 150Hz 9-19ms

DeviationTx Crossfire (testbuild) 8-26ms


Frsky 2.4GHz
Opentx FrskyX X4R Sbus 23-41ms

Opentx FrskyX X4R Fport 18-37ms

Ersky9x FrskyX X4R Fport 13-24ms

Ersky9x FrskyX SPI RX 11-22ms

DeviationTx FrskyX (Custom unreleased Build) 6-17ms

Ersky9x needs one of the recent builds with “double rates”


Crossfire is faster for most people moving from Opentx frskyX.  Ersky9x on a Taranis only a bit slower then Crossfire.  (Unreleased so far, but a slightly modified deviationTx is actually faster then crossfire)

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