Growler Holders

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Growlers are great! They let you bring home that delicious craft beer and drink it with your friends. But they’re a little tough to carry; let’s face it– that little glass handle just doesn’t do the job. And if you’ve got more than one (and who doesn’t want more than one?), good luck carrying them. Then there’s the fact that they roll around in the back of the car, clanging into each other.

The solution is my new growler holder. It’s handmade from a high-quality plywood, and it comes apart to pack flat for shipping or storage. It holds two growlers and can be personalized for a friend or brewery.

Made of five simple pieces, these growler holders have a lot of benefits. They are easy to put together, but can be taken apart to pack flat for shipping or gifting. The holders have a nice tight press-fit, so there’s no glue, nails or screws required to put them together.


Each holder is personalizable, and I’ve created customized holders with friends’ names or brewery names on the sides. It makes the holder a really unique gift for craft beer lovers.


Plus, these growler holders double as a drying rack. A hole cut in the bottom of the holder fits the mouth of a growler perfectly. Place a towel under the growler holder, and you can finally get those last drops of water out of your clean growlers before they go on the shelf.

Each of these holders is cut from high-quality 9-ply Baltic birch plywood on the CNC machine I built myself. I then sand the pieces and make sure the handle is smooth and comfortable for carrying.

The design process involved a lot of prototypes (and plenty of product testing trips to the brewery!) before a the final product was created. Gradually I came to a design that’s simple, easy to assemble, packs flat and holds the growlers securely. I’ve also tweaked and tested the design so you can be sure it will hold just about any brewery’s glass growlers.

There you have it! These growler holders are simple, functional, good-looking and super handy. 

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